Kevin Davidson Is Dr. Laughingstock

Kevin Davidson likes to call himself Dr. Conspiracy. However, if you consider his position on the investigation of pretensident obama’s LFBC PDF, it becomes apparent that other titles for Kevin Davidson are far more appropriate.

For Kevin Davidson claims he is scientifically-minded, that he knows the LFBC PDF is not a forgery or a fraud, and he vociferously argues that a simple federal investigation into the matter is unnecessary and unwarranted. This makes Kevin Davidson the first man in the history of science to take the position that the best way to substantiate or disprove a theory is to deliberately ignore the best actual evidence.

This means Kevin Davidson is either a moron or a partisan political operative who is even less genuine than the LFBC PDF is.

Either way, Kevin Davidson is Dr. Laughingstock.

Careless & Sloppy: Davidson Destroys Data

Kevin Davidson has demonstrated he is not competent in administering his website. A visit to today yielded the following message:

Obama Conspiracy Theories has had a major technical failure and will be offline for an extended period. For additional information and updates, please visit the Obama Conspiracy Status web site.

The link provided opened a page with the following information:

January 31, 2014. Due to a tiny typo on my part, all of the articles at Obama Conspiracy Theories have been wiped. My most recent backup is from July 22. I have contacted my hosting company to see if they have anything. The most recent archive of the site at The WayBack Machine is January 25.

Obama Conspiracy Theories has had a major technical failure.

The technical failure’s name is Kevin Davidson.

Kevin Davidson’s Intellectual Incoherence

Kevin Davidson defines a “birther” in the Glossary at his site thusly:
Birther    Someone who believes Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States by reason of the facts of his birth. Some birthers believe Obama is ineligible because they think he was born outside the United States. Others believe that Obama’s non-citizen father makes him ineligible.
Kevin Davidson describes a “birther” in the Birthers A to Z entry at site thusly:

Birthers from A to Z

Here is a reference index to the birthers. These are folks who don’t think Obama is really eligible to be President of the United States, that he doesn’t have a valid birth certificate or that other details of his official biography aren’t true, and went public with it.

Kevin Davidson’s usage of the term “birther” in his Birthers A to Z entry and in his posts illustrates that he ignores his own definition offered in his own glossary.

Such conduct suggest Kevin Davidson is not a consistent, rational, or scientific individual.

Kevin Davidson / Dr. Conspiracy Moving Goalposts

One of Davidson’s favorite themes for excusing the conduct of the pretensident in hiding the long form birth certificate from scrutiny is that the pretensident need not act like a responsible adult or considerate chief executive because the “birthers” are constantly “moving the goalposts,” and if the pretensident were to allow access to his records then the “birthers” would change their standards.

In a recent post, Davidson has moved his own goalposts a bit with this gem:

Even if the birth certificate is a fake, putting a fake document on the Internet is not a crime, and every President lies (well maybe not Jimmy Carter which was one of his problems). The birth certificate was never submitted to anyone as a legal document or used in candidate filings. Lying on TV is not fraud.

This represents a dramatic shift in Dr. Conspiracy’s approach, and marks a dramatic departure from Kevin Davidson’s formerly stalwart stance that the birth certificate is not a fake and that everyone who would like some serious substantiation of its legitimacy is evil, racist, or worse.

Kevin Davidson’s is not simply trying to move the goalposts. Kevin Davidson is trying to bury the goalposts.

Kevin Davidson’s behavior does not appear to be scientific or rational. Kevin Davidson’s reasoning is childish.

Kevin Davidson’s Pompous Ignorance

In a recent post at, Dr. Conspiracy wastes an inordinate amount of computer resources in order to expose his own ignorance.

Davidson’s own definition of “birther” is:

Someone who believes Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States by reason of the facts of his birth. Some birthers believe Obama is ineligible because they think he was born outside the United States. Others believe that Obama’s non-citizen father makes him ineligible.

In the post, available at

Davidson makes broad generalizations about the political leanings and intellectual attainment of those who believe something he doesn’t believe. In typical fashion, Davidson lofty conclusions are unencumbered by any evidence or logic.

A cursory examination of Davidson’s postings and comments makes it clear that Davidson uses the appellation “birther” without regard to his own glossary definition, and uses it simply to demean anyone who expresses any kind of skepticism about the president (or Kevin Davidson).

It is not surprising that an individual who is unconstrained by the meanings of words reaches conclusions that are impossible to take seriously except as salves for Kevin Davidson’s own shortcomings and wounded emotional state.

It is not a coincidence that Davidson chooses to wax philosophical about the “competence” of “birthers” in the midst of the exposure of the epic incompetence of the president and the recent insights offered into the high-school high jinks of obama offered by Mia Marie Pope. The positions Davidson has chosen on multiple issues are untenable, and he is in full damage-control mode.

It is very entertaining to observe the increasingly strange postings of the pompous Davidson as the one he has chosen to advocate for is repeatedly exposed as a brazen liar and transparent fraud. Every new revelation exposes Kevin Davidson as intellectually lazy, sloppy and wrong.

MCCP vs. Kevin Davidson

It is helpful to bear in mind the competing claims of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse and Kevin Davidson.

The MCCP does not claim the LFBC PDF is a forgery. The MCCP asserts there is probable cause to believe the LFBC PDF is a forgery. They have simply asked for access to the originals to determine whether their findings are accurate or not.

Kevin Davidson somehow “knows” that the LFBC PDF is not a forgery. Yet Kevin Davidson does not advocate for the release of the originals; Davidson casts aspersions on those seeking evidence and answers.

The MCCP is acting in good faith to acquire easily-producible evidence to prove or disprove a case.

Kevin Davidson spends hours and hours in an unusual attempt to advocate against those who seek simple evidence. Insofar as he claims to “know” what he cannot possibly know and is simply what he wants to believe, Kevin Davidson is pretentious.


Kevin Davidson, On Crack, Opposes The Pope

Kevin Davidson recently made an appearance at the Birther Report in order to demonstrate his worldliness and wisdom about all things cocainey, obamish, and homosexuous.

Davidson, who styles himself “Dr. Conspiracy,” was all fired up about the recent statements of Mia Marie Pope, who has gone on the record to assert that she knew “obama” when he was young and that in those days he was already smoking cocaine and more interested in the affections of men than women.


For some reason, Dr. Conspiracy finds such allegations beyond belief, and in his comments, he uses his utter ignorance of cocaine history and practice to make his case that Pope must be lying.

This example is another illustration of Kevin Davidson’s emotional need to reach a desired conclusion, and then using sloppy research and faulty logic to achieve his goal. It is not rational behavior.

see The Birther Report:

Kevin Davidson’s Self-Serving Semantics

Kevin Davidson, and others who fashion themselves experts on the “Birther” phenomenon, afford themselves enormous latitude when it comes to definitions.

Davidson maintains a Glossary ( at  his site, where he presents the following definition of “Birther”:

Birther Someone who believes Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States by reason of the facts of his birth. Some birthers believe Obama is ineligible because they think he was born outside the United States. Others believe that Obama’s non-citizen father makes him ineligible.


A recent post about Mia Marie Pope at Davidson’s website garnered the following comment:


Goal Poster November 7, 2013 at 9:41 pm

This lady lied or she didn’t. We have no record of her lying about anything. We know obama lies.

Then there’s barry’s weird pre-michelle “wedding ring” and ms. obama’s slip about being a “single mom.” And we know the president lies.

So I don’t see how Dr. Conspiracy or anyone else feels the need to even take a position on Pope’s veracity. We know obama lies.

Would a potential president have incentive to lie about gayness when everyone’s supposed to out and proud? I believe one would.

Of course, many american people couldn’t care less about whether someone’s gay or not.
There are, however, enough american people who do care, to the degree that a gay or bi male candidate could not get elected.

So if obama is gay he has very good reasons to lie about it.

I don’t know where obama was born, I don’t know if obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, and I don’t know if obama’s gay or not. I also don’t know why obama being gay is considered outside the realm of possibility by the social scientists who author and flock to this site.

Except, of course, that for whatever reason, they choose to believe a man who has proven to be a liar.

——- (emphasis added)

Kevin Davidson posted the following response:

Dr. Conspiracy November 8, 2013 at 9:38 am  (Quote) #

That’s a hoot, a birther complaining about somebody lying.

Goal Poster: And we know the president lies.


As Goal Poster makes no claims about the facts of “obama’s” birth or eligibility, this example clearly illustrates that Kevin Davidson does not feel compelled to abide by his own simple definitions.

Those who do not abide by their own clearly-articulated definitions are irrational.

Therefore, Kevin Davidson, a/k/a Dr. Conspiracy, is irrational.

Kevin Davidson’s Ego

Kevin Davidson has a very high regard for Kevin Davidson. Anyone perusing the “Quotes of the Day” section of site will find that a significant number of Kevin Davidson’s favorite quotes come from the keen mind of… wait for it… Kevin Davidson!

In his latest post, entitled “Unresponsive,” Davidson questions why the Cold Case Posse doesn’t respond to his positions on their investigations.

Most of the post is about Kevin Davidson and what Kevin Davidson has done. Davidson suggests that the fact that the Cold Case Posse ignores him undermines their credibility. (He is, after all, Kevin Davidson.)

Kevin Davidson’s notion that the Cold Case Posse has some kind of moral, legal, or ethical obligation to respond to his disputations demonstrates that Kevin Davidson has a very high opinion of himself. This says more about Kevin Davidson self-centeredness, moral confusion, and oversize ego than it does about the Cold Case Posse’s credibility.

Did Kevin Davidson Forge Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Kevin Davidson has indicated he is something of an expert in birth certificates, and his site has mainly focused on the long form birth certificate controversy lately.

Rather than a single reasonable post advising the president to put the controversy to an end by releasing the copies of the LFBC he received from Hawai’i, Davidson posts a vast number of histrionic articles that claim that all the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse’s evidence is wrong.

But Kevin Davidson does not simply suggest the evidence is wrong and explain the errors. He routinely impugns motives and denigrates would-be fact-finders as racist, etc.

Davidson doesn’t simply assert the experts who don’t agree with him are misguided or wrong, he derides them as “cranks.”

The quantity and tone of Kevin Davidson’s posts suggests he is not approaching theories with scientific discipline or rigor, but is instead deeply emotionally involved with the outcome of the birth certificate controversy. Rather than a disinterested observer, Kevin Davidson is passionately partisan, and advocates for the powerful side in the birth certificate controversy.

A recent post on suggested that obama supporters may be suspected in the forgery :

Which brings us back to Kevin Davidson.

The quantity and unusual qualities of Kevin Davidson’s posts could make one suspicious of his motives. One might ask: If the LFBC is a forgery, are Kevin Davidson’s unusual posts a series of pre-emptive attacks to protect a forger?

Did Kevin Davidson forge obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate?